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Training and Development programmes designed to help our partners achieve their full potential

About our Human Capital development and Occupational skills training

Golden Ratio’s Human Capital development solution and vocational/Occupational skills training are built around relevant competencies.

Our training and development programs are designed to give people at all levels the skills they need to be increasingly effective in their jobs. We believe people learn new behaviors and skills most effectively through a mix-blend of learning options that include classroom, web-based, virtual classrooms, and electronic performance support.

Golden Ratio helps you implement your learning strategy by providing the best mix of instructor-led training with other technology-based training methodologies. Organisations that practice this blended approach are reaping significant benefits. We know that the difference is in the mix, and we are committed to continually expanding our training delivery options to meet our clients’ needs.

Challenges organisations face

  • Getting organisation-wide training consistency to build a values driven culture.
  • Ensuring your teams has the right skills to drive engagement.
  • Having high-performance teams for your strategic plan implementation

The Golden Ratio Solution

Golden Ratio College is committed to the development of our client’s teams, who can drive results, foster star performers, and improve engagement. Our students receive a comprehensive, systematic approach to human development including pre-assessment and/or Foundational Learning programmes, and a competency-based curriculum of more than 100 courses that can be configured or customized to meet your needs. They are available for the classroom and online.

We provide unmatched consulting expertise to assure a flawless and compliant rollout, tied to concrete measures of success.

The Golden Ratio team has trained and developed nearly 100 000 people nationwide.

Our training interventions include a variety of training streams with a culture of “Work Integrated Learning”

Building a stronger workforce


Golden Ratio College assessment and practicum centers implement best practice methodologies which include our distinctive tools, promoting skills development through effectively managed skills programmes and a culture of work integrated learning. This multi-pronged approach ensures successful transfer of skills and competent functional, effective and motivated human resources.