Youth Work Readiness Programmes and WIL

Our robust Youth Work Readiness Programme (YWRP), is a unique mechanism for taking on large numbers of new employees / graduates and transforming them into high-performing and skilled employees in a short space of time.

The YWRP is holistic and designed to not only develop core areas of specialization, but also to drive the overall development of communication, general conditions of employment, life skills and career pathing necessary to succeed in a demanding work environment. The YWRP is designed with an understanding of the different environments – Industry and TVET institutions, and adopts a multi-pronged approach, in dealing with the multifaceted challenges to preparing our youth for the world of work. The programme covers:

  • The World of Work;
  • Developing Youth Potential;
  • Future Leaders
  • Career pathing;
  • Basic Information Technology  (IT) skills;
  • Life skills;
  • Communication skills;
  • Time management and discipline;
  • Basic Conditions of Employment

Work-integrated Learning or WIL refers to the learning strategy designed to produce hands-on graduates to meet the demands of the industrial sector. WIL requires a three-way partnership of student, workplace, and education institutions.

WIL has an aim to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and professional skills of graduates/human resource in real-life situations. There is a lack of manpower with practical skills that is often unable to perform satisfactorily in workplace situations. WiL was accordingly initiated with this view in consideration. WiL helps workplace organization and educational institution to enhance students in the development of their personal and professional competencies.

In the 21st Century, it is important for those who work in the industry to be competent, as well as equipped with skills such as problem solving and teamwork.

Golden Ratio College is a strong advocate of WIL, and as such, we embrace the concept of Work Integrated Education.  A culture of transparency, an appreciation of diversity and a respect for continuous improvement, are all value add products, which stakeholders can expect when partnering with the college.